We think of our honeybees as our “canaries in the coal mine”. A core element of our mission is to maintain Mount Fair in a way that provides our honeybees with a healthy habitat.   A thriving agricultural operation relies on plentiful and healthy pollinators and we strive to maintain the most welcoming ecosystem possible.

We are fortunate to be surrounded by small family farms and by the vast woodlands of the Shenandoah National Park which provide natural spring and autumn forage from Tulip Poplar, Linden, Peach, Redbud, Dogwood and Magnolia trees. To these sources, we have added 15 acres of wildflower meadows, which were established and are maintained by Virginia Forestry and Wildlife.

Along with forage from floral milkweed, sunflower, Rudbeckia, coneflower, goldenrod and bee balm, these meadows provide our fields with stunning summer color.   Since installation, a welcome consequence of the wildflower meadows has been an explosion in local bird and animal populations. The wildlife sightings from the Paddock House porch are remarkable.

Our horse paddocks contain plentiful clover and are maintained in a way that maximizes floral production. In late spring and early summer, when clover typically blooms, we suspend clipping in order to facilitate flower growth and honey bee pollination. The resulting light-colored clover honey, typically harvested in late June, is delicious.

Our apiary partners at Elysium Honey are wonderful beekeepers and their honey production operations provide the best raw, unfiltered honey in the region. We love them!

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